BOOTES på MABB 2020 is postponed to 2021

Bootes is a publishing platform connected to a small printshop in the province. 

To be more specific, it is located in an old barn building in Mölndal, south of Gothenburg in Sweden. Bootes is quite new. It has been activated in collaborations involving poets and artists and concerning artists’ books since 2013. The printshop, on the other hand, is fairly old; Bolaget Vardagsbilder HB/Everyday Picture Co. was founded in 1975 by a group of young artists from Valand’s art school. The intention was artistic and political: to be independent, to own their means of production and to decide on content and distribution in order to contribute freely to a people’s culture and a reasonable society. They managed to buy the house and the small piece of land it is built on. So, no one could chase them away. The presses are still rolling. Society still needs more art.  

In this collab for MABB 2021, 4 artists/printmakers present individual works: Jim Berggren, Nina Bondeson, Carina Fihn and Marie Palmgren

MABB – Malmö Artist’s Book Biennial is a Swedish and International exhibi­tion and selling platform for art works that are inspired by the structural and conceptual properties of the book form.

MABB2020 The new date for MABB is the 7–9 May 2021.

Due to the corona-virus situation Malmö Artist’s Book Biennial is postponed. The new date for MABB is the 7–9 May 2021.


The renowned Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus (1707 – 1778) declared that knowledge of things is worthless if one does not know their names. By naming them, like he did, one can systemize them and build a solid understanding of place in the world. But at the same time one has to remember that we experience so much more than we can ever explain in words. Phenomena do not always need to be classified to be of value and worth. In being PARTICULAR and nameless, they remind us to behold the enigma that we share with them. I highly appreciate both the naming and the mystery.

Pieces I – V / wood engravings by Jim Berggren

Det här arbetet ingick i projektet: ”POSTED/UNPOSTED”Letterpress Printed Envelopes from Nordic CountriesOrganisers: Imi Maufe (Norway) and Lina Nordenström (Sweden) 

POSTED/UNPOSTED is a book art project from the Nordic Countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) with special emphasis on letterpress (boktrykk) printing. The collaboration will result in a limited edition collection and touring exhibition exposing the variety of ways letterpress can be used as a creative process. Around 30 artists, poets, printers and publishers who use (or have the potential to use) letterpress in the Nordic Countries are invited to contribute to a collaboration with constraints. We do not see this as a mail art project, but as book art/visual art/print collaboration focusing on a specific printing process, using the envelope as a format and its potential to contain.